March 13 – Adam ‘Bass’ically The Odd Man Out In U2

Happy 60th birthday to the bit of a misfit in U2- Adam Clayton.

The bassist is the only one of the quartet not born in Ireland (he was born across the channel in England but moved to Eire when aged 5, at which time he met Dave Evans, aka The Edge.) As well, his religious beliefs aren’t known to be as strong as those of the other lads, which is perhaps why he’s led a bit more of the “rock and roll lifestyle”, having an arrest for marijuana, a well-documented love of heavy drinking in their early days and even dating a supermodel (Naomi Campbell) in the ’90s. Although they’ve long since split (he married a Brazilian in 2013 and has a child with her) she says “I only have positive things to say about him.”

He’s settled down some lately but never stopped giving the band the solid bass core dating back to the days decades back when Bono recalls “he had the only amplifier so we never argued with him”. Even though he had the amp and bass but no knowledge of the instrument! He’s entirely self-taught, modeling himself after J.J. Burnel of The Stranglers. He recalls “I remember hearing the bass on ‘Hangin’ Around’, and immediately knew it was going to be the instrument for me.” The only exception to the rule is the song “40”, a frequent show-closer, in which he and The Edge traded instruments, Adam thus playing guitar. With The Edge hitting the six decade plateau next year, maybe they’ll trade instruments again and do a tune called “60”?

5 thoughts on “March 13 – Adam ‘Bass’ically The Odd Man Out In U2

  1. badfinger20

    He seems like a cool guy. I didn’t know all of that about him.
    I remember hearing rumors at one time he was thinking about leaving in the 90s…but that died down. he is a good bass player.

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