June 30 – Dishwalla Had Us Watching The Roads

If you’re going to end up being a One Hit Wonder, it’s always good if that one hit is really a hit. Such is the case for Dishwalla, whose one big hit hit the top of Billboard‘s Alternative Rock chart on this day in 1996. “Counting Blue Cars” would end up being one of the decade’s most popular modern rock songs … and garner a death threat or two for the band’s singer!

Dishwalla are a southern California band started in the early-’90s, by singer/keyboardist J.R. Richard and guitarist Rodney Cravens, who is the only constant member of the band to this day. Their first hint of success came in ’94, with them contributing a song – “It’s Going To Take Some Time” – to a Carpenters tribute album. It also found its way onto their debut album for A&M Records, Pet Your Friends, a record memorable for its cover as well as content. They used a 1948 Life magazine photo of a teen girl running with her pet deer.

The second single, “Haze” drew almost no attention anywhere, and A&M had probably all but forgotten about them with the album gathering dust nearly a year after its release. Then came the blue cars.

The third single was one of the most instantly-catchy, crunchy post-grunge singles of the decade and dealt with the singer talking to a small child who refers to God as a “her.” As allmusic put it, it was one of the band’s “well-crafted songs with rich guitar textures.”

Richard says the song came around after he had a similar talk to an unnamed small kid. “From that younger perspective, I think we take things in a much more honest way because we’re not being biased by how we’re supposed to think. God,” he adds, “being an omnipotent being could be a male or female.”

Seemingly innocent enough, but enough to rile up a number of Evangelicals who thought it rather blasphemous to suggest God could be a “her.” “It did end up being one of those songs that really affected people, both positively and negatively,” the writer says. “I never thought I’d ever have a song I’d get death threats for writing!”

A&M weren’t overly pleased with it too initially, but for a different reason. They hated the title, since they assumed people wouldn’t know what “Counting Blue Cars” was an would skip over the album. They needn’t have worried. Pet Your Friends went gold domestically. And while “Counting Blue Cars” peaked at #15 on the overall singles chart, it had staying power! It spend 48 weeks on the chart, was picked by Billboard as the Mainstream Rock song of the year for ’96 and was named the Most Played Song on Radio by ASCAP two years running, in ’96 and ’97.

Amazingly, Dishwalla have kept going to this day, and have put out four more albums with almost no hint of any follow-up success.

11 thoughts on “June 30 – Dishwalla Had Us Watching The Roads

  1. I remember that first song and glad to hear it again. Not familiar with the other two. Not sure whether it is more funny or more pathetic that people are willing to kill over the idea a supreme being could be female. Every human on the planet had a mother, so what does it say about the zealots?

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    1. don’t let the Supreme Court hear you with your radicalness there missy! it is ridiculous isn’t it? I think Joan Osborne had a lot of flak around the same time too for “One of Us” , which actually had pretty insightful thought-provoking lyrics for those who chose to actually listen and think a bit.

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    1. I always liked it, it stood out a bit from the bulk of the radio fare at the time. Whole album was quite decent, but this and the Carpenters cover were the real standouts to me.

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  2. Badfinger (Max)

    Death threats are always so damn stupid…people have different point of veiws…people need to deal with it. I love the song Haze…the bass to it especially.

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    1. It’s crazy, isn’t it? If they were so God-fearing, you’d think they might look at the Bible and ask themselves ‘does Jesus tell us to kill one another if they say something we think isn’t quite right?” . Good song, I always liked it. I remember one time, I’m thinking it was JR from the band reached out to me on Facebook and thanked me for posting the song and a little writeup about it there …maybe 10 years back. I don’t know how he found the post, but it was cool and he seemed a good guy.

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      1. Badfinger (Max)

        Yea they make other religious…i won’t call them Christians because they are not… people look bad. Everyone has different opinions and other people need to accept that fact.

        That is really cool of him doing that. I’ve had that happen a few times from Power pop bands

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  3. A guy I follow, (Clive/Take It Easy) had a singer (Dax/Run And Hide) post his thanks and an update on Clive’s site. And Clive, like I, doesn’t have a massive following. The personal touch is a fine thing.

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