June 21 – Muskrats & TV Viewers Alike Loved These Two

Well, it did for nearly 40 years- keep ’em together that is. Talk about your beginner’s luck…Captain and Tennille hit it big with their first hit single, “Love Will Keep Us Together” which hit #1 on Billboard on this day in 1975. It would stay atop the chart for a month. It would be a #1 in Canada and Australia as well, and even be a hit in some Spanish markets in a Spanish-language version they did. It was the biggest-selling single of the year in the U.S. and Canada, and so, perhaps appropriately it won the Grammy for Record of the Year in 1976.

The song was written by Neil Sedaka, who also recorded it (to little acclaim) two years prior; if you listen carefully you hear her exclaim “Sedaka’s back” near the end of the song as a tip of the cap to Neil. The married couple who met when Daryl (“Captain”) was the touring keyboard player for the Beach Boys and he got Toni (Tennille) a gig as a backing singer, earning her the nickname of the “only Beach Girl.” It was also the start of a briefly-stellar career for the two keyboardists. By the end of the decade they’d racked up seven more top 20 hits including the… memorable… “Muskrat Love”, and briefly (in the tradition of that other singing couple, Sonny and Cher) their own TV variety show. That ran for the 1976-77 season on ABC, the story is they grew tired of the show before the network brass did and asked to be let out of the contract. They also got to play for President Ford who was entertaining the Queen at the White House; Ford liked them but the Queen was said to have fallen asleep!

Unfortunately love couldn’t keep them together forever. They divorced in 2014, but remained close. Daryl passed away two years back, apparently with Toni still by his side.

11 thoughts on “June 21 – Muskrats & TV Viewers Alike Loved These Two

  1. hanspostcard

    Muskrat Love by Captain and Tennille one of the low points of the 20th Century…. that said I always felt kind of sorry for The Captain- having to put up with Tennille.

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