February 13 – Peter’s Bass Gave Music Its Hook

One of new wave’s senior bass players is now a senior – Peter Hook! Happy 65th to the great bassist who gave the distinctive sound to New Order (as well as its predecessor Joy Division). His fancy and prominent bass have really separated those bands (as well as Monaco , Freebass and his new one, Peter Hook and the Light) from most similar new wave bands and made him NME‘s 23rd best bassist ever. they conclude that he’s “integral to his band’s sounds” and that he’s “outspoken but on stage he lets his fretwork do the talking in a most staggering way.” Indeed, not only did he add the bass which made their music stand out from the crowd, he also co-wrote almost all their hits including “Shellshock”, “Blue Monday” and “Bizarre Love Triangle.” When not playing bass, he could be writing – he’s authored three biographies ,including one called How Not To Run a Club (involving the band’s infamous and money-losing Hacienda Club)- or teaching. He began a university course on Music Industry Management at the University of Central Lancashire. 

Hook has three children, and one of his sons, Jack, seems to be carrying on the family tradition. He’s played bass for the Smashing Pumpkins on tour in recent years.

Oddly, it’s the day for birthdays it would seem, if you’re a musician named Peter. Also celebrating today are Peter Gabriel, hitting 71, and Peter Tork of the Monkees was born this day 79 years ago but passed away in 2019.

4 thoughts on “February 13 – Peter’s Bass Gave Music Its Hook

  1. badfinger20 (Max)

    Again me being a bass player notices this. 80s music…sometimes the synth is mixed a little too high and covers up great bass lines. He is a very good bass player because last time you featured them I listened for the bass. That is what I always hunt for in songs.

    That is what impressed me about Roxy Music…they kept the bass pumped up…and of course I like that.

    I’m glad to hear Peter is still going strong.

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