September 26 – Seventy-five And Suave

Happy birthday to one of the most stylish and style-setting singers of our time. Bryan Ferry turns 75 today!

Ferry is of course best-known for being the suave singer for Roxy Music although he’s actually compiled a heftier catalog of records on his own than with the British group that along with T-Rex and David Bowie more or less started the whole Glam Rock movement in the ’70s, and then also rather Bowie-like, morphed into one of the premier “new romantic” acts of the ’80s.

Ferry actually got a degree in Fine Arts and was briefly an art teacher before concentrating on music and forming Roxy Music around the end of 1970. Their first album took Europe by storm and was nothing if not new and avant garde. Through the years, especially after Brian Eno quit the group, it morphed into a stylish, elegant pop outfit remembered for 10 UK top 10 singles including their #1 cover version of John Lennon’s “Jealous Guy.”

During the Roxy years, Ferry put out a number of solo albums heavy on old cover versions ranging from “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” to relatively contemporary tunes like “Don’t Worry Baby.” After the band broke up, he put out more original material, with his first post-Roxy album, Boys & Girls hitting #1 in the UK and being a reasonable success in North America as well, perhaps thanks to his presence on the Live Aid stage with David Gilmour in his band. Ferry’s put out a total of 16 solo studio albums, his last one, Bittersweet, two years back, being credited to Bryan Ferry & his Orchestra, consisting of reworkings of old Roxy and solo songs done in a Big Band/Jazz style. Fittingly, he’s appeared of late as a cabaret singer in the German TV show Babylon Berlin. And on top of that, he’s contributed to a bevy of soundtracks including Bright Lights, Big City, Phenomenon and Legend.

He was expecting to tour extensively this year, but you know the rest…Covid caused that to be postponed indefinitely. Instead he’s put out a live album from 1974 from his first solo tour. By the way, if you think he has the looks of a model, you’re right. Marks & Spencer used him as a fashion model for menswear in 2006!


8 thoughts on “September 26 – Seventy-five And Suave

  1. badfinger20 (Max)

    Speaking of covers today…I do like his cover songs a lot…and like I said many times before…I liked him best in that time span right before the eighties…the sound they got was great.

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    1. yeah, a little bit of a vague theme today with the artists doing cover songs… his first covers album, with the blue cover (can’t think of the title) was excellent. He has an album of all Dylan covers too, but I’m not too familiar with it.

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  2. He’s a mesmerizing performer that I need to learn more about. Those 2 compilation DVDs I watched a few months ago have really piqued my interest. I found this website that is THE source for information about him and the members of Roxy music:

    Happy 75th Bryan! I have a feeling when he passes it will be a matter of being beamed up by the mother ship and then back to his home planet 🙂

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    1. I’ll have to check out that site. Viva!Roxy Music was the name of their first live album, by the way, and it’s better or more interesting than some live records since they really take a few of their songs to new directions on it. Roxy Music was the first real concert I ever saw, back on the Avalon tour in ’83… it was an impressive show… great sound and style but under-stated lights and stage props.

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