September 23 – A ‘Boss’ Birthday

“God help Bruce Springsteen when they decide he’s no longer God. They’ll turn on him and I hope he survives it.” – John Lennon

Well, Lennon knew a thing or two about how quickly reputations could be made and destroyed. Public opinion may have turned his way again, unfortunately he wasn’t alive to see it. Springsteen may never have been quite as revered as the Beatles were in the ’60s, but neither has he seen the masses turn against him like Lennon predicted. It got me thinking about today’s Birthday Boy though. Bruce Springsteen turns 71 today. Hopefully it will be a happy one for “the Boss.” I’m sure many fans out there will be digging out the old vinyl and reliving his “Glory Days.”

That Lennon quote caught my eye, so I figured why not look at Bruce through some other people’s eyes to celebrate him. For instance : “What’s in my I-pod? Well, certainly Bruce Springsteen” – potential First Lady Jill Biden.

Sting says “my friends are Peter Gabriel, Bruce Springsteen. We’re singing about mortality, getting older. It’s an interesting time.” It’s been so long it now seems hard to remember when those two weren’t household names, or that they both began scoring radio hits around the same time a little over 40 years ago.

“My life changed because Bruce Springsteen got a mic in front of me,” says Jimmy Iovine, co-founder of Interscope Records, a label known primarily for un-Boss-like rap music.

“I like movies and radio, Bruce Springsteen and New Jersey. That’s what I like,” declares Brian Fallon of the Gaslight Anthem (one of the under-rated rock bands of the past decade we might add.)

“A lot of political music can be rather pedantic and corny, but when it’s done right like Bruce Springsteen or Jackson Browne, there’s nothing better,” declared Bonnie Raitt.

Speaking of Browne, he wrote in Rolling Stone ”in many ways, Bruce Springsteen is the embodiment of rock & roll. He’s got his feet planted on either side of that great divide between rebellion and redemption.”

“I would say from an all-around point of view, Bruce Springsteen is one of the two great poet lords of America. Bob Dylan (the other); the two of them.” one of ‘The Boss’s” first bosses, Clive Davis, president of Columbia Records when Bruce was starting out.

“Bob Dylan, John Lennon and Bruce Springsteen. These are soul guys. Bruce doesn’t sing like Otis Redding, but he sings with White soul. He’s singing and writing from the bottom of his gut.” – Robin Thicke.

And one last great quote: “the greatest challenge of adulthood is holding onto your idealism after you lose your innocence.” Yep, that one is from Bruce himself. Happily he seems to have done that.


10 thoughts on “September 23 – A ‘Boss’ Birthday

  1. badfinger20 (Max)

    It’s hard to believe he is that age now. The quote by Sting is interesting…it’s good because they write what they know about. They also can age and still do what they did back in the day. Dylan would be part of that also…all of them wrote things that still are relevant today.

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  2. I love this one by Jackson Browne: “in many ways, Bruce Springsteen is the embodiment of rock & roll. He’s got his feet planted on either side of that great divide between rebellion and redemption.” He’s a beloved musical icon. 71 wow. Happy Birthday, Bruce!!!!!

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    1. I didn’t even hear of him until “Darkness on the Edge of town”, somehow I missed all the hoopla about ‘Born to Run’ when it came out. I’ve always liked him, but was a little weary of him mid-’80s because of over-exposure (that said, I did have and really liked ‘Born in the USA’) , but he’s aged well and endured much more than many of his contemporaries.

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  3. I am the same age as Springsteen, 71. In all my years of listening to rock, I only liked a few of his songs. Born To Run may be one of the best rock songs ever recorded with Born In The USA a second to that. I never bought the “Boss” moniker. Like all these guys, he is just a musician, not a God.

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    1. You look a mighty young 71 Phil, hope you feel that way too!
      I like Springsteen a lot but I agree…he’ s put out some duds and for awhile was a bit overexposed. Strangely I think I like some of his ‘lesser’ hits & album cuts better than some of those ‘anthems.’


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